Who is the real Rick Maltese?

My name will get a lot of results if you do a google search.


To make matters worse there is a Ricky Maltese (not me) who is a recording artist musician and he has had some success musically. But I’m also a musician and still busy as a composer and performer. I currently perform with a few singers in Toronto. I have a regular Thursday night gig at The Red Lantern (228 Merton St. near Davisville & Yonge) 6-8:30 pm. I sometimes play with Virgil Scott Maia Kuze, Georgia Steel, Jonathan Lee and Francine Hailman. I did some gigs with Andy De Campos. and have him working on a recording of a few original songs.

But I also do other stuff besides music. Before I tell you about my nuclear advocacy and my web design work I should finish my music background. There are a few websites I created to feature my music career and the different aspects. I teach piano and voice at two locations in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and my teaching experience has led me to write a book for beginner adults. I feature the work in progress titled “Late Bloomer Piano Player’s Guide” read more about it here LeadSheetz.com and I also have original piano compositions for sale on the site. The various services I offer like transcription and transposing can also be found here.

I also have a facebook group called “Late Bloomer Piano Players Tips”  New or returning players can visit to get tips and examples to work on.

For promoting my solo piano gigs for parties, weddings, business functions etc. I use http://rickmaltesemusic.com

Nuclear Energy Advocate         Deregulate the Atom dot com            Thorium MSR dot com

Two blogs and one twitter account makes me pretty busy and it’s not easy keeping up with the schedule. I try to post once a week on both if I can.

Web Designer/Flash Developer     WebCompose dot ca

I created the two blogs and my various music websites.


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